PHT Testimonials

Courtney Bassuener, February 5, 2016 -
Put a PHT poll pack on a new mare for the first time. She's normally always jittery, doesn't relax in the stall, and has to always see what's going on. Within 10min of the poll pack being on she is standing in the corner with her head down SLEEPING! This never happens with this mare! Even when I fed the others she didn't even look up....results like these are why I love PHT products so much! I think when I put the MagnaCu blanket on her she will melt.

Taylor Hollenberg, February 4, 2016 -
I love that when I walk out of the tack room with my MagnaCu items in hand, and approach my horses, and they immediately start licking their lips. Here's your sign people.

Patty Ashley Morgan, February 7, 2016 -
16 years old, inoperable stifle issue, and PHT MagnaCu products keep her comfortable and still out there being a ROCK STAR! Thank you PHT Products for doing the legwork and caring about our horses!! A horse that is hurting won't look this awesome!

Monika Roth, November 29, 2015 -
I love these products! I saw such amazing results with an old mare I owned that I lost last year. She was paralyzed on one side at 9 years of age (was never determined what happened). She pulled through but suffered paralysis on one side of her face leaving her with a drooping ear, sagging lips and crooked head set. Pampering her with a poll pack, blanket, quick wraps and bell boots for an entire day I saw her hold her head straight, prick both ears and even wiggle her muzzle.. It was an awesome sight to see the old girl at 23 be able to do all this.. I lost her at 26 but she loved her PHT time for sure.

Darian Coykendall -
If I added up what I spent on things a year whether its entries, vet bills, board, feed, etc.. Why would I go cheap with therapy compared to everything else? I mean my one horse gets over $150 in supplements a month, why can't I spend the money on a REAL magnetic blanket for a one time price of roughly $500 which can in turn help pay for itself by limiting vet bills, certain supplements, etc. PHT, CuHorse, and MagnaCu products are well worth every penny you purchase them for!

Kylar Terlip -
My good horse Wrangler Biankus gets PHT before every run. The first time we ever used it on him he had sweat marks all over, but now there are normally only a couple. PHT is the only one I use, because I know it works

Kristy Maxwell, February 24, 2016 -
If tonight was any indication I am in love with your product! My gelding has had ulcers since he was 4. I have treated and maintained and he has never been a big eater. He always picks at his grain and is in an ill mood if you come up to him while he is eating. I put the MagnaCu blanket on him tonight for about an hour before feeding time. He was bright eyed, pleasant, and ate his entire dinner! He actually seemed sad when I had to remove the blanket and turn him back out!

Brittany Fellows, January 4, 2016 -
PHT and MagnaCu products have made a huge difference for all of my horses. In and out of the arena! Very thankful for this product line!

Cassie Seals, December 10, 2015 -
What has kept the old man going for over 16+ years? His Magnetic Blanket & bell boots! His first blanket had the round dots. The bell boots he wears are due for replacements because he has worn them out. Even his vet can't believe he is sound at soon to be 21 & running at the top of his game (20 second pole runs & 1D Barrel Runs). At 20 years old, he won me my first rodeo by .3 against top competitors. Trey says he isn't ready to retire yet all thanks to his PHT Products!

Taylor Hollenberg, December 2, 2015 -
When it comes to my horses I make sure they are getting the best of the best, and that is the MagnaCu products from PHT. I hesitated buying PHT products for years because I was concerned it was just another gimmick. I was quickly proved wrong when I purchased the MagnaCu mesh blanket and hood. Within minutes of putting them on my mare, she had her nose to the ground completely relaxed. What drew my attention to the MagnaCu was the copper in the magnetics. I use them on myself...


In April of 2009, my barrel horse, Dually, came off his third barrel 3-legged. He slipped and rutpured his Deep Digital Flexor Tendon, but his heart was bigger than his brain and he continued running until he hit the finish line. This injury was devastating to him and to my entire family. He had surgery, a cast, patent bar shoe, and now pen rest. I thought this horse was my once and a life time horse, I never thought I would be able to replace him, and when it came time to searching for a new horse I knew the bar had been set high! A friend of mine told me about Macho, he was a little older than I had orignally been looking for, and a very plain looking horse, but he sounded great, so we made the trip to try him out. When my husband and I got there, we took one look and shook our heads "no". He was fat, out of shape, and running from his owner! I decided to try him anyways since we made the long drive. I fell in love once I sat down on his back, and then I put a run on him and I knew in my heart it was meant to be. I was nervous though because right away she said he was prone to tying up, I did not know if I wanted a horse that had issues right off the bat. I went home and thought it over for about a week, my heart kept telling me that he was meant to be mine and that for some strange reason this silly looking, shy horse was sent to me for a reason. So I went and picked him up, and from that day forward he has made me the happiest woman in the world! Within thr first 48 hours of owning Macho I ran in the 2D at a huge Barrel Bash in Fergus Falls, MN! I have a bond with this horse unlike any animal or person I have ever been around. Not only is he an amazing horse to ride and run but he has the personality of a big dog. I can go into the pasture when he is laying down napping, and lay right next to him and cuddle with him. He follows me where ever I go, even if he looks nervous or thinks it is scary. My husband can go in the pasture to catch him and he walks away from him, I can call his name from the gate and he comes immediately. My husband can try to ride him and he bucks and throws a fit! I can ride him bareback with a halter and lead rope and he responds as if he has his saddle and bridle on. Macho is truly a one of a kind horse and I am truly blessed to have him. He is 17 years old this year and he is my main barrel horse. He runs solid 1D and 2D times, and absolutely loves his job. He has a huge heart and gives it his all every time out. He is prone to tying up so I try to do everything in my power to keep him healthy, he would greatly benefit from magnetic therapy, he also deserves it! without him I do not know where I would be in this horse industry, he is the first horse I have been able to trust whole heartedly, and he is the first horse that can make me shed tears just talking about how much I love him. He has a home for life, no matter what!! Before him I was running a horse that ran the fence on the first barrel, a stubborn mare that I butted heads with for years, he came along and changed my entire outlook on barrel racing and horses in general. I did not ever think any horse would be able to make me feel half as good as Dually did until I met Macho. I do a lot of competing and I know he gets sore, this blanket would really help him compete at the highest level he can.
Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Just thought I'd share my story about how my horse 'Leo' deserves to win a PHT blanket. I'll start off by saying Leo is 17 soon to be 18. He is near and dear to my heart. I've never had such a great bond with a horse in my life. He tries his hardest everytime we walk into an arena. He is my first real top barrel horse. I bought him about two years ago from a friend of mine. He had an injury that I knew about. He had calcium deposits on his right front. He was my dream horse, calcium deposites didn't stop me from getting him. He later went on and in July we were at a big barrel race, he rotated his coffin bone pretty bad. Earlier that same weekend we were having problems because he wasn't finishing the first barrel. He seemed stressed and I was fustrated because I couldnt figure out what was wrong with him. This horse is as honest as the day is long. That night was the shootout run. He won me 3rd in the 1D with that coffin bone being rotated(I didnt know about it at the time and regret even running him) His body then took on alot of stress from it. It took awhile to get him right and he still isn't all the way there. I feel that a magnetic blanket will help him feel fresh and to the best of his ability that he can be. His age won't stop him. I am 16 and support myself. I try to work when I can to afford shows and little obvious needs that he has. This blanket will help US get to the top, I know we can do it. I just hope you'll help US get there!


Let me introduce you to Lily.

Lily is a 15.1 hh sorrel appendix qh mare. I happened upon her by chance. A friend heard I was looking for a step-up horse and she had also stumbled upon Lily by chance. When we met, I looked past the cribbing collar, past the scars from a nerving procedure that was supposed to stop cribbing, past the windpipe injury from another botched cribbing procedure, looked past the docked tail, and looked into the eyes of the sweetest mare I had ever seen. Standing beside her was a carbon copy filly that was three months old.

Lily came home with me and we had some real experiences getting to know each other, but within a week it was very clear that kids held a special place in her world. She could be trusted to carry my then 2 year old daughter around, could be trusted to let that same little girl and her cousin climb between her legs, tug on her ears, pull her lips, and she wouldn't even so much as bat an eye wrong when they were near.

Fast forward a few years, and this little mare really began to show how much love and compassion she had for kids. My son was born and he traveled to show after show with us. Lily loved that little boy so much that she would untie any knot to amble over to his stroller. With her big brown eyes closed and a huge sigh upon her lips, she would stand motionless while that little guy broke his first tooth chewing on her ear. He could pull on her lips, stick his little hands in her mouth and again she never ever allowed any harm to come to him.

We moved that summer to our new farm. And ended up taking in some project horses for a family member. One of those mares was a beatuiful but ornery paint mare. This mare had no love for humans or other horses either. And our children were sad that they could not go in the pasture with Mom at feed time and help do chores. The little boy was not yet walking a lot but he could crawl with amazing speed. And one day his dad set him down on a blanket in the yard while he helped Mom. Before either of them could take a breath the little guy had crawled to the pasture and was going under the fence. that rank paint mare saw him and made a beeline towards him with her ears flat back and a black look of hatred. Lily also saw the boy. Lily was terrified of that paint mare but this day she decided to stand up to the bully. Her boy needed her. She moved with lightening quick speed to the crawling infant. And when she reached him it was just seconds before the paint mare was there. She nickered to his mother to get a move on and get the boy while she placed her body over him. she took on that paint mare in the way that only a horse can, never raising a hoof to kick she told that other mare in no uncertain terms to back off. and while she was doing this, she was sidepassing over the boy so that he stayed directly under her body. It was only seconds but it seemed to last a lifetime. The mother arrived and grabbed the boy to safety. Lily went after that paint mare with everything she had and made sure she knew to never ever go after her children again.

Lily had been the mothers engagement ring but she proved herself to be a family gift. It didn't matter how excited she was to go to a show and run a set of barrels, if the children were nearby she was outwardly quiet and always watchful of them. She would come out of the arena from laying down a nice pattern with the mother and would then go right back in with one of the children aboard and would walk quietly and with great effort to take very careful steps. When the girl was old enough to not have to be lead through the pattern anymore, Lily taught her how to do that barrel pattern by coming to a stop and waiting for the girl to realize she had tried to turn the wrong side of the barrel or that she hadn't given her enough room to turn around it. Always at a walk no matter how hard the girl kicked for a trot. Lily knew she wasn't ready yet to trot.

Now, Lily is 21 years old. She still loves to run barrels. And she still loves her children and any other child that is around her. She had a hard life prior to her time with this family and she had some real trials to overcome while with this family. She was kicked in the face by antoher horse and almost died from a secondary infection from the broken bones in her face. She impact coliced and nearly died before the blockage passed. She has been treated for ulcers that had her quite ill. Yet, through all of this she has always remained her wonderful loving self. She loves nothing more than to stand near her humans and share that love and companionship.

She is not the fastest barrel horse, she is not the best competitive trail horse, nor is she a perfect Western Pleasure horse, but she is that one in a million horse that will give everything her all and do the best that she can. And all she ever asks in return is that her human companions give her the love and respect she deserves.

I think that Lily is a wonderful candidate for a PHT Magentic blanket. I have known about PHT products for years and have always wanted to get one for her. But it has always been the one thing that just never did get purchased as something else in life needed purchased more. She wears a knock-off brand and while it does help her aging body some, she and I both would love to see her body get some relief from a quality blanket. She is still running barrels and while age has slowed her down some she will continue to compete for as long as she desires to run.

Thank-you so much for letting me tell you about wonderful mare Lily and all of the joy that she has brought ot our lives over the past 11 years.


My best friend, Duke.

My horse, duke, means more to me then anything else in my life. Duke has seen me through losing family members, bad health problems, and has always been a shoulder for me to cry on. Whenever I am feeling sad or lonely, comfort is just a carrot away.

My other best friend in the world also happened to be my grandpa. My grandpa and I both shared a mutual love of horses and he supported me 100%. I would spend days upon days with my grandpa. In March of 2008 he bought me, duke, my first horse. I had ridden for years but never was able to afford one of my own. My grandpa absolutely loved duke, and in return duke loved him. I used to be envious of the relationship they had! He was my horse but my grandpa and duke just connected. On June 29th, 2008 my grandpa passed away very suddenly of a heart attack. It was such a shock to me because just the day before we were at the barn with Duke. At first I did not think I would be able to live without him. It took me quite some time to be able to go to the barn without seeing Duke and bursting into tears. One day I realized that the one thing I was avoiding (which was duke), was the one thing that I needed most in my life right then.

In August of 2008 there was a horse show that I was planning on attending. I was very hesitant at first because my grandpa would not be there to see me compete on Duke for the first time. I realized though that even if he was not there to see me in person, he was still with me. Duke and I ended up having a wonderful day at the show! We took home four 1st place ribbons from the whole day! On that day was when I came to terms with the fact that I would never be able to part with Duke. Duke is my only living connection to my grandpa, and for that, I am forever thankful.

Winter of 2009 took a bad turn when one night I discovered duke lying down and would not eat his grain. This is a very unusual behavior for Duke as he LOVES his grain. After that night everything seemed to get worst. It was bad news, after bad news. He started getting nosebleeds numerous times a day, everyday for months. His breathing was very bad and he wasn't able to walk 200 feet without heaving and coughing. Duke also had a tumor located under his jaw that was growing fast in size. He was not eating much at all and therefore dropped weight down to 950 pounds! He's a 15.2 hand paint horse so that was very underweight for him. We ended up trailering him 5 different times to Ohio State University. He underwent numerous test and procedures. He was diagnosed with RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction), and also had surgery to remove the tumor under his jaw.

Due to the RAO I've had to make a lot of changes in Duke's environment. He has dust free bedding in his stall, his hay gets wet down, he is kept in an outside stall, duke gets turned out everyday, and I do not ride him in certain weather conditions. I had duke on numerous medicines but none seemed to have the desired effect. Months went by, I switched to a new boarding barn, and duke started to get better. He doesn't have as many "Sick" days that he had before.

the fall of 2009 Duke & I seemed to switch places, as I became ill. I started having horrible issues with my kidneys. I had everything from kidney stones, to infections. I was also diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and have been on medicines ever since for that. The hospital was becoming a 2nd home for me as I was in and out very often. I had to have surgery 3 times as well. During all of this, Duke, was my only comfort. There are days where I would rather lay in bed then do anything. The only thing keeping me alive through all of this has been Duke. I took care of him for months and now he is taking care of me.

Duke gives me so much and I would love to be able to give him something in return. When I'm in pain or feeling bad, a hug from him cures it all. When Duke is having a bad day I would love to be able to give him something as well. I really think that a PHT magnetic blanket would do wonders for him! A blanket would really help open up his airways and soothe the irritation he has from coughing. I've heard nothing but great things about PHT products, so I have no doubt in my mind the relief duke will get from a blanket.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you enjoy reading about the journey of Duke and I. I'd love to be considered for a magnetic blanket because it is something that I know will help him a lot. It is just something that I can not give him myself, or else he would already be wearing a full PHT outfit.


My favorite PHT using horse goes by the nickname "Cane", which is short for Hurricane N Texas. This horse came into my life by something of a fluke. I was driving to try a horse, but the horse I was going to look at was sold during my 7 hour drive. So, the lady offered me the only other barrel and rope horse she had - her own. We clicked instantly, and Cane came home with me. From there we went on to win all the local barrel races. I was told just the other day by a guy that owns one of the local arenas, "I knew if you were here with him, I knew who would win. That horse smoked this pen." My favorite memory of him has to be after one of my first runs... it was at a new pen that had just been built, and we were the only ones in the 1D. I went from an older 3D horse to winning the whole 1D - words cannot describe that feeling. From there we went on to rodeos, did well, and made our association finals. I took a pretty good job after college 1200 miles from my family with plans to rodeo. It seemed that everything was going my way, and I set lofty goals for our future. Just months later while at my new job, I got a call that there had Cane had been in an accident. A loose horse had run through his fence and slammed into him as he was getting up from his afternoon nap. The accident destroyed all the cartilage in his stifle, and I was told that I would never ride him again. My world was shattered. I was far from my family, and my dreams had evaporated into thin air.

When Cane was first hurt, a friend used magnets to help with his intense pain. I will never forget him shaking from the pain and how the magnets put him at ease. From that point on, I have been a firm believer in the healing power of magnets. I have been a long time PHT user, putting blankets on nightly, and thank PHT for helping to keep Cane comfortable. Ten years after the accident, Cane's joint has fully deteriorated to bone on bone. A month or so ago, I noticed that Cane was having more trouble getting around. Then it dawned on me that I had been lazy over the winter and had not been putting his PHT blanket on each night like I should. His eyes lit up, and he started licking his lips when he saw me with his blanket. Now that I have been putting it on him again, he does not shake when he moves like he did. Now, he is remarkably better, obviously in less pain, and even runs around with his buddy again.

This horse is the closest thing to family that I have here, and I love him dearly... And he loves his PHT.


My mare Decka loves her new PHT magnetic blanket so much! I just received mine two weeks ago and took Decka to her first barrel race since using it this past Saturday. She was calmer and more relaxed when we got there than she had been in the past. I just started barrel racing a year ago and slowly working my way up at 4D races. We have always been in the 3D/4D. Well that all changed this past Saturday after using my PHT magnetic blanket, my horse wasn't sore and she was feeling GREAT! We took 5th in the 2D the first race, and won the 2D the second race! I was so excited to win our first 2D check! People I didn't even know came up to me after my run and told me what a great run I had! Thank you PHT! Decka thanks you too!


A favorite horse is a hard choice for me. I have had two very special horses in my life, but the one mare will always have the biggest place in my heart. Her name was Sara Jane, a gorgeous bay Appendix mare. She was given to me by my grandfather, with the sole purpose of me selling her. Well, 5 years later she was still in my pasture. This is our story of how two hard headed beings became inseparable.

Miss Sara Jane came off a cattle ranch from Florida. She was used, abused, and treated like a dog. When my grandfather bought her she was a nervous wreck. She became to much for him to handle and could not place her in Florida. I agreed to take her and start her on a pattern and try to sell her here in Pennsylvania. My mother and I made a five hour trip to my grandfathers other home in West Virginia to pick her up. I had never seen this horse before and my jaw dropped when I walked in the barn. She was a true blood bay, long legged, sleek Appendix mare. She stood in the corner and only glanced at me. I thought nothing of it until I went to load her and she snatched the lead out of my hand and took off running. After 3 hours of chasing I finally caught up with her. And on the trailer we went, bound for Pennsylvania.

Once home, I unloaded her and and placed her in her new stall. Miss Sara, again paid me no mind. A week goes by and I decided to finally ride her. Well, needless to say she had other things in mind. One lap around and we start crow hoping, then spinning, and a few bucks here and there. With my short temper and her idea of comedy lead to butting heads daily. She knew what buttons to push and when do push the right one. Day after day something was missing from her stall, or she would break something else. After a few months things were getting old and I put her up for a dirt price of $500.

Family after families came and Miss Sara Jane always found a way to scare them off. This went on for another two months. I took her off the market and was determined to "break" this horse. I decided a trail ride would be nice and peaceful. Trail rides normally are nice when neighbor dogs and not involved. One hour into our ride and a loose dog comes charging out of nowhere and runs after Sara. In her defense Sara reared and I flipped off backwards. I am now on the ground with a large brown dogs snarling and barking viciously. Much to my surprise Sara did not run. She turned and kicked out at the dog and started striking out at him. In thirty seconds the dog had his tail between his legs and running away. When I looked up, Sara walked over and dropped her head. There I wait for her to do one of her normal smart alec tricks. But, she did nothing.

After this break through I started working on barrels. She still would throw in attitude when least expected. In time we started getting a good pattern going. It was time to try it out. Our first show did not go as I planned. I'm sure though, it was what Sara had planned the entire time. We go in, make our circle, start for first, and bang I'm on the ground with my mare prancing around the arena. She did it again, caught me off guard.

Back to the drawing board. Sara always seemed to have something "under her saddle pad" that she would keep just for me. This mare was proving to be my worst night mare and greatest challenge. I put barrels on hold and just tried riding. Sara quickly lost interest in going in circles. Nothing could be done to keep her happy!

A few years pass and same old same old. Then a accident happened. While growing up my father was an alcoholic. I was very much so a daddy's girl though. You could always find the two of us doing something outside. A day came along when my father wanted to ride a horse. Sara Jane had been a great horse for the past year and I chose her for him to take a quick ride. I jumped on her and took a quick spin around the yard she did great. I called my dad over and helped him on. I had no idea he was drunk, I was 13 at the time. He threw his leg over and sat in the saddle. The events after that happened so quick its hard to slow them down enough to write. He leaned over the other side to slide his foot in the stirrup. While doing this he had a tight hold of the reins and had pulled them down and at an angle with him. She panicked with him being on her side and pulling her off balance. Sara ended up flipping over and my father fell off. He suffered severe head trauma along with broken ribs.

My father family instantly blamed the horse and my mother for not watching me. All I know is I looked into that mares eyes and knew she did not mean it. It is hard once again to explain the sorrow in that horses eyes as I unsaddled here bawling my eyes out. For the next few days she would not leave me be. Always bumping me, trying to get my attention, anything to get me to look at her.

I started riding her the next month working on barrels again. Her attitude had changed. She did what I asked and never hesitated. She was a new horse, almost as if she thought I was going to throw her away after the accident. Our barrel pattern turned to picture perfect. I started hauling her to shows with me, still hesitant to see if she was hiding something. To my surprise nothing happened, just the perfect pattern. Sara went from a goofy, bad, jokester horse to this amazing athlete. Barrel run after barrel run she only got better.

Ever since my fathers accident this mare would make full eye contact with me. I had never felt this connection before, I felt as if I could talk to this horse and she could answer me through her eyes. We became inseparable, always at a barrel race and never away from each other. Sara Jane's favorite part of a barrel race was the nachos and cheese. She would run over anyone in her path to get a chip.

Now, I know this contest is for how a PHT blanket could benefit this horse. But I lost this mare in Sept. 08. We had to move her to a different pasture do due my mother loosing the farm from having to pay for my father that was nursing home bound the rest of his life. When we moved her to another farm she was never the same.

Then the worst week of my life happened. I was traveling to New York when I got the phone call that Sara was down and not getting up. I assumed colic and proceeded to tell my father in law what to do until the vet showed. I quickly made the U-turn and headed home. Once there I knew it was more serious than colic. The glimmer in her eyes were gone, there was no life. The vet shows up and suggests her kidneys were failing. The next three days consisted of alot of IVs and hours of sitting with her. On day four I wanted alone time with her and took her for a walk around the field. At the furthest spot away, she stopped. I turned and looked at her and this time she looked back. She was looking right in my eyes and sighed. She was telling me it was ok. I walked her back to her stall and grabbed some lunch. When I returned to her stall she was loosing her battle. Even up to her last seconds she was still fighting.

Shorty after loosing her the vet had called to confirm the blood work they took. Sara had acquired red maple poisoning. The vet was impressed she had lasted this long.

This horse was my absolute best friend. She taught me patience, forgiveness, and looking past the bad in something. The only thing to keep me sane through loosing my best friend, was her best friend my other horse Bubba. I have first hand witnessed a horses emotion for loosing a member of the herd. He stood over where we buried her for weeks. I would have to go get him and walk him to the barn by hand to get him to eat.

If my story is chosen as the winner the PHT blanket will be for Sara Jane's best friend Bubba. Who has been my saving grace in the horse and barrel world. He has taken me to several belt buckles, saddles, and jackets. He is now getting older and could use the great benefits of magnetic blanket. I thank you all for the time you have taken to read this and for the consideration you will put into this.

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