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We have been asked numerous times what the difference between PHT and the cheap knock-off copy blanket. Well, here is just one example (yes, I am in possession of the knock-off and have proof).

Others COPY the best products on the market they can, then they use lower-quality materials and cheaper labor, with no quality control of magnetic polarity. The magnets in the other blanket are of lesser strength and size. They are not medical grade 8 magnets. The people making the products have no clue nor care on why they put magnets in certain ways.

I have watched other manufacturers for years copy and have the products made overseas cheaply. They usually work toward a poor attempt of the original design concept.

I know lots are ********fans but their unscrupulous business practices are not sometimes what is best for your horse.

I felt the cheaper product first-hand. Someone stole my design, took it overseas, and TRIED to copy it. KEY WORD: TRY

After lengthy conversations with a new customer about how her horse would severely tie up with the mass-produced Copy, I asked her to trust the PHT product and try our blanket. When she would use the Copy, her horse would lock down. Major big vet bills on this horse. When she stopped using the Copy her horse stopped having issues.

So I sent a polarity tester with her blanket she bought from us to test her copy. YEP the polarity was opposite from what it was supposed to be.

I bought one of the Copies when they first came out and some were one way and some were the other way... SO I knew what was going on. There was no concern or care for the end user, the horse.

I then purchased the above mentioned blanket off of ebay so I could see with my own eyes what was going on. YES the polarity is incorrect. Below are the pictures.

PHT survived ****** but many good products and companies haven't.

SO just because something is cheaper doesn't mean there is a guarantee of quality or polarity or type of magnet. It is simply a product that is made as cheaply as possible with no quality control.

The Polarity tester used Red = north, Blue = South

So when testing the top of the blanket, blue should be facing out (away from the horse), which is the south/positive polarity.

We are not saying that ALL of the magnetic products/blankets produced have the incorrect polarity. But how do you know? How can you trust it?

PHT gives you that trust and that guarantee

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